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V-Ray 5 for Houdini

Super-fast production rendering for VFX artists.

The ultimate 3D rendering software for procedural effects.

Houdini Overview

V-Ray® for Houdini is a production-proven CPU & GPU rendering software for high-end VFX and animation. It comes with all the tools artists need to render amazing-looking procedural effects. Seamlessly integrated in Houdini, it enables smooth scene exchange and iterations between Houdini and other DCC applications.

Academy Award-winning ray tracing technology.

V-Ray’s performance is production-proven. It’s been used by the world’s leading studios to render over 300 television series and feature films. In 2017, V-Ray received a Sci-Tech Academy Award for its contribution to photorealistic visual effects.


Fast and scalable to help you meet tight deadlines.

V-Ray’s adaptive ray tracing is highly optimized for superior speed and scalability. You can take full advantage of your hardware rendering on multiple CPUs, & GPUs, or both. With V-Ray’s distributed rendering, you can render a single image across multiple machines.

Smart integration for a smooth workflow.

V-Ray works seamlessly with Houdini and enables smooth scene exchange with other DCC applications. ACEScg support is new in V-Ray 5, joining other industry standards like Alembic, OpenVDB, and OpenColorIO.


Creative control to render anything imaginable.

Bring your projects to life with the right tools for the job. V-Ray equips you with a complete set of lighting, shading, and rendering tools. It's the most full-featured 3D rendering software available.

See what's new.

V-Ray 5 brings a redesigned V-Ray Frame Buffer to Houdini with tools for basic compositing. The new, streamlined UI, ACEScg color space implementation and Light Path Expressions speed up your rendering and optimize your workflow for faster results.

Light Mix

Easily create different lighting scenarios without having to render again. When you have the look you want, you can save your light mix setup, send the layers to comp, and update the lights in the scene.

New Layer Compositor

We’ve expanded the capabilities of the VFB. With the VFB’s new Layer Compositor you can
fine-tune your images — combine render passes, set blending modes, and adjust colors all within V-Ray.

Light Path Expressions

For better control in compositing, construct your own render passes with Light Path Expressions. Output specific light contributions with timesaving presets or by writing custom expressions.

Simplified ACEScg workflow

Enable ACEScg so V-Ray 5 can automatically convert the colors of textures, light temperatures, etc. to the correct color space, without the need of additional nodes.

Houdini What' new

Now part of the V-Ray Collection.

The ultimate 3D rendering and simulation toolset.

Houdini Features

Key features

Check out the list of versatile features available in
V-Ray for Houdini.

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Case studies

Invasion of the body crashers

Ingenuity Studios knows how to knock ‘em dead. Grant Miller shares how V-Ray for Houdini helped them render a pile of 9,000 zombies for The Walking Dead.

How this Norwegian studio crafts subsea visualizations

Who knew deep sea machinery could be this hypnotic? shows us a pipeline for pipelines and talks us through creating a stormy ocean in Chaos Phoenix.

Houdini Case studies

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